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Practical applications for
VHP decontamination

Innovative hydrogen peroxide V-Phase bio-decontamination solutions.


30th august 2023
11:30 AEST

Pietro Beltramo - Product and Export Manager, will discuss,

  • H2O2 bio-decontamination, where are the concrete advantages
  • Aerosol or vapour H2O2 why
  • it is a critical choice
  • Trick and Treat about the positioning of biological indicators for bio-decontamination cycle validation
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Amira Decontamination Systems

Using vapour-phase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2 V-Phase) as a cold sterilising agent, Bioreset is the most technologically advanced, practical, rapid bio-decontamination system.

Bioreset solutions are mainly used to remove airborne and surface microbiological contamination in controlled or classified environments for pharmaceutical, biomedical, biotechnological, animal care and in any other environment where microbiological contamination is a concern.
Rapid and effective decontamination systems, mobile and suitable for biological safety cabinets, clean rooms, and laboratories and capable of achieving a 6 Log reduction on most resistant microorganisms.

Bioreset Smart Trolley
"Opira Group are proud to be the sole distributor of Amira VHP Decontamination Systems to the Australian Market."
Scott Summerville Opira Group CEO 


See our solutions for controlled contamination environments.


Bioreset Pro-V

Bioreset® PRO-V.
VHP generator integrated into your equipment for cycles in vacuum or pressure.

The most effective solution for all applications requires a VHP generator to carry out bio-decontamination cycles under positive pressure or in a deep vacuum.

Amira Bioreset Max

Amira Bioreset® Max. Light, handy, foolproof.
Easily protect operators and environments from viruses and micro-organisms with a highly effective technology (VHP) applied for years in controlled contamination areas.

Bioreset Plus

Bioreset Plus

The Bioreset Plus is  Flexible, strong, and efficient.
This generator can be used either inside or outside the environment that should be decontaminated and it is easy to move with its pivoting wheels.